How you can help

We are a volunteer organisation and depend on kind donations and support to keep our activities going. Here are some ways that you can support us.

  • Come and stay with us for a few days or rent our apartment. You will be able to spend some time in a calm and peaceful environment, that hopefully will lift your spirits and you will be filled with inspiration and new ideas.
  • Buy some of the Uma’s Care products. If you are in Italy, we can send some to you with the post office services. You can always find us at the regional retreats and also in markets in Orvieto and Treviso.
  • Adopt a hazelnut tree. We will plant the tree for you, sing some mantra song for it, take care of it. When it gets older and starts to give nuts, you are welcome to come and harvest. Read more about this below.
  • Send us a donation. We are grateful for any support.


IBAN: IT71G0200811704000106247209 (ANANDA MARGA WWD, Bank UnitCredit)