AMURTEL Orvieto organises in cooperation with a local association Rosa Rossa, classes for immigrant women to learn Italian. The class is not only a language class, but it is also about integration into the Italian society and growing as individuals.

The women attending the class are coming from Philippines, Lebanon, Sweden, Ukraine, Brazil and Nicaragua.

AMURTEL Orvieto is also giving yoga classes in an Anti-Violent centre for women situated in Orvieto. AMURTEL Orvieto is receiving very good feedback from this class and the results this class gives shows very clearly in the women attending the class.


Uma Nilayam has 6000m2 land. There are 10 olive trees, pear, apple, cherry, figs, khaki, peach, plum, apricot and grapes.

There are also two big round permaculture gardens with extremely good soil. This year we grow strawberries, celery, mangold, sallads, zuchini, tomatoes.

We also have blueberry, red currant, black currant and white currant bushes growing in our gardens. The aim of the garden is to provide the center with healthy, home grown vegetables and fruit and to also dry fruit and tomatoes to keep over the winter.


Uma Nilayam is the LFT training center for sisters in Europe that would like to become a Local Full Timer (LFT). An LFT is someone who dedicates a few years of their lives to do service in their local area. It is a disciplined, hard working life, but filled with bliss and opportunities to do service and support others on the spiritual part.

Next LFT training will be on 1-30th September, 2024.

There will also be an LPT training in August. LPT stands for Local Part Time volunteer and it is for those who would like to do service in Ananda Marga. During the training you will learn about Ananda Marga philosophy and practices as well as follow a daily routine of chanting, meditation and yoga asanas.

The LPT training will be on 10-24 August, 2024.


At Uma Nilayam, we have regular women’s retreats. When women come together something special happens. Women are programmed to share in circles and find it natural to share and be together.

At a women’s retreat we follow a daily routine of yoga, kiirtan and meditation accompanied with classes on spiritual or social topics, discussions, creative workshops.

This is an opportunity to leave the “normal” world for a few days and dive deep inside yourself and discover new spaces within. It gives you a chance to reconnect and to get the mind focused on the higher goal of human beings life on this earth.

In the future we plan to expand on the women’s programs and hold women’s support programs. We also plan to cooperate with near by women’s shelters and see how we can be a support for women and share the tools that we have to find deeper inner balance.